Southern Alberta Roping & Riding Circuit

Winter Rodeo Series 

SARRC Banquet
Monday, June 11
6:30 pm
Cardston High School

Dinner, General Meeting & Awards

Dinner is free if you have a paid SARRC membership or if you are a sponsor.
Additional guests: $10/adults  $5/kids

Austin Nunn is stepping down as SARRC president. A new president and several directors will need to be chosen at the meeting.

Here is the list of prize winners: (If you are not able to attend the banquet, please arrange for someone else to pick up your prize that night)

  Tiny Mite Goats
1 Kodi Ralph
2 Quincee Ralph
3 Lucy Smith
4 Alexis Pierson
  Tiny Mite Barrels
1 Kodi Ralph
2 Lucy Smith
3 Quincee Ralph
4 Alexis Pierson
  Tiny Mite Poles
1 Kodi Ralph
2 Alexis Pierson
3 Lucy Smith
4 Carly Nunn
  Jr. Poles
1 Cali Emel
2 Jayton Daychief
3 Janae Heavyrunner 
4 Zach Bevans
  Open Poles
1 Jolayne Collins
2 Kate McKim-Keil
3 TJ Powelson
4 Raven Shade
  Junior Barrels 1D
1 Cali Emel
2 Janae Heavyrunner
3 Lucy Nunn
  Junior Barrels  2D
1 Markus Bevans
2 Jake Day Chief
3 Cali Emel
4 Lucy Nunn
  Junior Barrels 3D
1 Jake Day Chief
2 Kale Day Chief
3 Zach Bevans
4 Jayton Day Chief
  Open Barrels  1D
1 Marina Eckert
  Open Barrels 2D
1 Dani Duce
  Open Barrels 3D
1 Raven Shade
  Junior Goats - Boys
1 Jayton DayChief
2 Kale DayChief
3 Jake DayChief
4 Zach Bevans
  Junior Goats - Girls
1 Lucy Nunn
2 Cali Emel
3 Danielle Hann
4 Asia Hurlburt
  Open Goats
1 Shelby Weltz
2 Natalie Bevans
3 Lucy Nunn
4 Hanna Nunn
  Jr.Breakaway Roping
1 Adam Soop
2 Kale Day Chief
3 Cole Soop
4 Kash Weasel Fat
  Open Calf Roping
1 Brad Sommerfeldt
  Open Breakaway Roping
1 Kash Weasel Fat
2 Traci Aipperspach
3 Adam Soop
4 Cole Soop
  Amateur Calf Roping
1 Everett Morton
2 Kale Day Chief
3 Ben Mitchell
4 Mike WhiteQuills
  #12 Team Roping Header
1 Jeff Heggie 
  #12 Team Roping Heeler
1 Riley Wilson
  #8 Team Roping Header
1 Kale DayChief
2 Jesse Plain Eagle
3 Frank  Bevans
4 Hank Shade
  #8 Team Roping Heeler
1 Jesse Plain Eagle
2 James Plain Eagle
3 Gary Woodward

4   Cole Soop

Quincee Ralph




Attendance at 3 out of the 6 rodeos is required to be eligible for prizes.
The Tiny Mite and Junior All-Around prizes can only be won once per person.

Order of events:
(Rodeo begins at 10 am)
All fees include 2 runs*
Tiny Mite Goat Tail Untying $10
Tiny Mite Barrels $10

Tiny Mite Poles $10

Jr. Poles $15 *2nd run forfeits 1st time
Sr. Poles $20 *2nd run forfeits 1st time
Jr. Barrels $15 *2nd run forfeits 1st time
Open Barrels $25 *2nd run forfeits 1st time
Boy's Jr Goats $15
Girl's Jr. Goats $15
Open Goats $20
(Roping Events will not start before 2 pm)
All fees include 2 runs
Jr. Breakaway $25
Open Calf Roping $50
Open Breakaway $25
Amateur Calf Roping $40
#12 Team Roping $40/man
#8 Team Roping $30/man

Tiny Mites (10 and under as of Oct.1/17) $10
Junior (15 and under as of Oct.1/17) $20
Senior $30

All Rodeos are held at the Cardston Agridome.

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